Friday, 31 May 2013

How to Lose Weight Fast with Exercise- 8 Simple Ways

If you want to lose weight fast, you have to give full attention to the exercise program and also to the calorie intake through your food. It should be balanced formula to achieve the positive reply to your query of how to lose weight fast with exercise. Exercising is burning calories, which should be according to a well devised plan. Here are eight types of exercises that help burn calories effectively and very fast. Keep the diet chart well maintained and add the exercising, you‘ll definitely achieve the goal.

1. Bicycling. You can take up the exercise and reduce or enhance the quantum of burnt calories through speed of the bicycle. It is very easy and is accessible for everyone. You can burn 500 to 1000 calories per hour with the exercise.

2. Playing Tennis.  You get a tough exercise and good for leg and thigh muscles. It burns approximately 800 calories per hour, which is enjoyable as well.

3. Swimming. It is considered the best of the lot because most people love swimming and especially during the summer season. It burns 800 calories per hour and tones up almost every part of the body.

1  4. Gardening & Working in the Yard. Spend substantial time in the gardening work by raking leaves and sweeping the area for an hour and lose nearly 300 calories. Wear a cap to protect from direct sun rays and have the water bottle handy to keep hydrated.

5. Jogging. Enjoy jogging, which keeps the body fit and agile. Understand that the process helps burn approximately 500 calories as well. You can solve many problems of the body with regular jogging.

6. Rowing.  It is a wonderful way to keep the body parts properly toned and especially the upper portion of the body. Yu can build great arm muscle if you practice rowing on regular basis. It is fun too and helps burn over 500 calories per hour.

7. Trade Mill.  The exercise with the support of the trade mill is an excellent opportunity to tone up leg, hip and stomach muscles over and above burning substantial calories, which is over 350 calories per hour.

8. House cleaning. It is a great way to keep the house tidy and clean and gain the benefit of weight loss through burning around 200 calories every hour of the work. Use the vacuum cleaner to spotlessly clean sofas, upholstery and so on and enjoy the work for your own benefit.

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